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Replace All Missing Teeth with Dental Implant Dentures

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When you have all teeth missing you can have either of the following options

  • All on 4 concept
  • 2 or 4 implants and dentures that are removable
  • 4 implants and dentures that are fixed and you can’t remove them
  • 6 to 8 implants and porcelain bridges that are fixed and you can’t remove them.

There are many options available out there for those who wish to replace all the missing teeth in their mouth with dental implant dentures. The top two solutions (option 1 and 2) to this problem are dentures on dental implants, with the latter being the number one choice for those looking for a high quality replacement procedure. Unfortunately, the price of dental implants is much more than denture costs, so it is important to consider the factors below before deciding between the two.

In case of no teeth in the mouth at all, we either

1. Place 6 to 8 implants and restore the mouth with porcelain crowns and bridges

2. Place 2 or 4 implants and a denture on top that is supported by these implants

This allows stability of the denture

Place 2 or 4 implants and a denture

3. can place more implants that can support fixed denture hybrid

What is the difference between normal dentures and dental implant dentures or denture implants?

Dentures are less visually appealing than teeth implants and may or may not be removed for cleaning and at night depending on the type of solution you have chosen. A denture is basically a plastic base with teeth attached to it. Each morning they must be mounted onto your gums using a special paste to keep them from moving. At night they need to be placed in a special cleaning formula after cleaning them normally with a brush. Although their aim is to function like normal teeth, there are still certain things that must be avoided such as hard or sticky foods. They are cheaper than dental implants and much better than no teeth at all.

Dental implants are your best bet for replacing all of your missing teeth. These are made out of titanium, making it a much stronger support for dental implant dentures or porcelain fixed bridges. In fact, you’ll be able to eat all kinds of hard and sticky foods with implants without having to worry about them moving or breaking like you would with dentures. Implants will never move as they are permanently inserted into the jaws of your mouth. The denture implants are significantly more comfortable than normal dentures without implants after they settle. Cleaning these is the same as with normal teeth, simply brush them well and floss.

What is the difference between dental implant dentures and fixed bridges?

Dental implants can support dentures, which may be removable and clicked back on. You can also have teeth fixed to your implants so that you never have to remove them. These fixed teeth can be made of plastic or porcelain and this is based on your preference and how natural you would like your teeth to look.

Do denture implants last a long time?

Denture implants have a long life span. Of course with time the denture part needs to be maintained and may need to be replaced. The denture implants last much longer than the implant dentures and have to be replaced probably once in your life depending on your age

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