Implant Dentist Sydney

Implant Dentist Sydney

Missing teeth can be a real embarrassment, especially if you have a job that requires you to speak with people every single day. Instead of trying to hide your smile, you should consider getting dental implants in Sydney. Tooth implants are falsified teeth made out of titanium to fill in any gaps you may have. This process can be done for either one or multiple teeth at a time.

If you have missing teeth the best treatment that is effective and lasts a long time are dental implants. Treatment depends on the number of teeth missing and the amount of bone you have

  1. One tooth missing
  2. Two or more teeth missing
  3. All teeth missing
  4. All on 4

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The teeth implants are inserted after enough room is made, which usually requires making incisions in the gums. The bones in the mouth may also have to be readjusted before any implants can be put in; this is known as bone grafting. There are medical conditions that can prevent you from having implants done. You will find out if you are qualified and if anything must be done before the procedure when you consult with one of our dentists here at our practice in Sydney.

After your mouth is prepared for the dental implants, a special drill is used to insert them into the jaw. As you might have thought, this is not a pleasant experience which is why a patient will typically go under anesthesia. You will be prescribed pain killers until the implants settle and the pain ceases.

There are other teeth restoration procedures available, though dental implants are the absolute best if you want a permanent solution. Implants are also the best looking and feeling false teeth on the market. In fact, you’ll forget you even had to get implants in the first place when done by a professional.

Just because they aren’t natural doesn’t mean you can neglect them. They should be taken care of in the same way as normal teeth, so brush twice a day to prevent plague build-up. If you don’t practice proper teeth hygiene, then an implant will rot out just like a normal tooth would.

The price of dental implants varies depending on what has to be done before the procedure, the quantity of the implants, and the general costs from your dentist. Remember, teeth implants are not just for looks, but can improve the health of the gums and prevent certain mouth diseases as well.

If you want to be able to smile with confidence then dental implants in Sydney are exactly what you need. You’ll live a better life knowing people are looking at your teeth and not the gaps. We will make sure you get the best deal possible for implants that will last. Give us a call today to set up an appointment.

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