Teeth Implants

Teeth Implants

Restore your Smile back to its natural feel, form and function with dental teeth implants Sydney.

Find out how to get your Teeth Implants done Effectively and Efficiently. Your health is Worth it. With Proven and Safe methods, we will help YOU…Get Healthy, Desired Results.

Remember! A good dental surgeon + good quality implant dentistry = Natural looking, long lasting results with no frustrations of pain and long term costs of thousands of dollars. Do Not Sell Yourself Cheap!!!

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Why Sydney Dental Implants Centre?

  • Feel Attractive. Improve your Smile and Self-confidence
  • Restore and Rejuvenate your face by preserving bone
  • Preserve surrounding teeth. Avoid trimming!
  • Payment options available
  • Team which will surpass your expectations in Care!

What to do when you have multiple teeth missing with teeth implants?

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Imagine the following scenario. You are at an important interview, an interview that could change your very life, and all goes well until the end when you both shake hands and smile. If you have multiple teeth missing then this scenario might not end happily. Having missing teeth can be misunderstood as not caring about your looks. In the working world, not caring about your looks means that you will not care for your job. Although you may be a hard-working and dedicated individual, it is a hard fact of life that first impressions mean everything and having multiple missing teeth is frowned upon.


What are the options for replacing multiple missing teeth?

We in Sydney offers quite a few methods to replace multiple missing teeth. Bridges and dental implant dentures are popular ways of doing so, though the best treatment to go with would be teeth implants. These implants are completely made out of titanium metal and are drilled into the old roots of the missing teeth. This process will be a bit painful afterwards, but you will be prescribed pain killers to help you through it. Afterwards, you will have implants that completely resemble natural teeth and eventually you’ll forget you’ve ever had such a procedure.

Can everybody have teeth implants?

Almost every single person can receive dental implants, though there are always rare cases that will not allow it. There may also be certain obstacles such as an underdeveloped jaw line or damaged gums that may prolong the procedure. These are reasons as to why you need to set up an initial appointment with us to find out exactly what needs to be done.

How fast can teeth implants be done?

An implant dentist in Sydney, like us, will be able to install dental implants quickly and efficiently. Generally it takes 3 to 4 months to have properly done dental teeth implants.

Do I have to take care of teeth implants

After the process is complete, be sure to take extra care of your teeth by brushing them the recommended amount of times per day. You’ll be able to smile with confidence without having to worry about having multiple missing teeth.

How much do teeth implant cost?

Teeth implants cost varies depending on how we plan the treatment, the number of the dental implants required, the position of the dental implants. Remember, teeth implants are not just for looks, but can improve the health of your mouth and prevent other jaw related conditions such as tmj problems. So the cost of teeth implants is worth you while.

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