Tooth Implants

Tooth Implants

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Tooth Implants

How to replace a single missing tooth with tooth implants

A smile can tell you a lot about a person, but what if your smile had a single missing tooth? There are tons of different ways a person can interpret missing teeth. They may believe you lack hygiene resulting in it rotting out or think that you are an irresponsible and reckless person. These feelings of negativity may bring you down and depress you, though regardless of what other people think a single missing tooth also causes movement of other teeth leading to ultimately more loss of teeth and jaw joint problems. It is a problem that should be addressed for both cosmetic and health purposes.

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What are the different options for replacing a single missing tooth.

There are three different techniques used for replacing teeth, which include dentures, bridges, and dental tooth implants.

1. Partial Dentures

Dentures are a great option for missing teeth. A full denture is used if most, or all, of your teeth are missing while a partial denture is commonly used when a single tooth is missing. They act as if they were normal teeth, except for the fact that you can remove them. A partial denture is created by connecting fake teeth to a pink rubbery putty designed to fit your mouth.

2. Dental Bridges

This type of treatment is similar to implants, except that bridges connect to the surrounding teeth to hold the replacements in place. Two crown teeth are needed as support for this bridge or else the replacement tooth won’t hold. The supporting teeth will be grinded down so that a special crown can be placed on top of the two supporters as well as the replacement. Moulding putty will be used to measure out the length of this special crown.

3. Dental Tooth Implants

This is the most recommended treatment today as it is the strongest and longest lasting solution available. An implant dentist in Sydney will be able to easily insert these dental tooth implants. First you must undergo a consultation, which is required before any procedure, in order to find out if anything must be done. There are cases where the gums or bone must be grafted and removed before inserting the implants. Cosmetic-wise, this method is the best for making it seem as if you never lost a single tooth since the teeth look so natural.

What do a dental tooth implant cost?

Tooth implant cost varies depending on a number of conditions such as how we plan the treatment, the position of the dental implant. Remember, teeth implants are not just for looks, but can improve the health of your mouth and prevent other jaw related conditions such as tmj problems. So the cost of tooth implant is worth you while.

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